Our Mission in Ethiopia

Friday, January 23, 2015

Timkat, the biggest holy day in Ethiopia was Sunday, Monday
and Tuesday (Jan. 18-20). We drove home on Sunday just in
time to see the procession….  It is in celebration of Jesus' Baptism.

Everyone dressed in traditional clothing and even the
varies were decorated!

We stopped and ate at the Indian Restaurant in Debre Zeyit
on Saturday night.  This is Krisna from India, our friend and
the owner of the restaurant.

We took our elders to lunch on Elder Payne's
LAST day in Debre Zeyit before he flew home.
(L-R):  Elder Napier, Elder Workman, Elder Payne
and Elder Burdick

Elder Workman and Elder Payne walking down
the road from their house on his last day...

We welcomed our NEW elders to Debre Zeyit ~ Elder Nzime sitting 
and Elder Clement on the right ~  and said goodbye to Elder Payne
on the left.

We drove to Addis on Wednesday, Jan. 21st to pick up Bob
and Martha from the airport for their ONE DAY stay in Ethiopia!
We stopped by the Meganagna building and they were having 
mutual, playing a card game with Sister Moses.

We met Bro. Jackson's son at the Meganagna building to get a 
painting (the LAST one he did) to take home.  Bro. Jackson
was from the Congo and taught Gospel Doctrine in Meganagna
Branch but passed away a few weeks ago…. We were afraid
it was too late to ever get one of his paintings.

Bob and Martha got in around 9:00 p.m. and we visited at the SIDRA
where we stayed overnight.  Then after breakfast, we drove to  Debre Zeyit
to show them where we have lived and worked for 13 months!

We took them to the Kuriftu Resort  on Lake Kuriftu, for lunch, 
then stopped at the Pyramid Hotel on Lake Bishoftu to show them another lake.

Rick and Carla returned from way down in Southern Ethiopia and came
to the hotel to visit at 5:00 p.m. so we got a picture of all of us.  (It only
took about 12 shots to get a GOOD one!! Haha!!)
Then we all went in a van to the Habesha 2000 cultural restaurant
near Edna Mall.  It was an AWESOME show and we had traditional
food too.  This is the outside of the building ~ St. George Church in
Lalibela and King Fasiledes' Castle!

I got mostly video of the dancers and singers.

Our enjera, with the wats and tibs….

One last picture of me with my two brothers before we went to bed….
(Ray passed away 8 years ago the day before, Jan. 21st.)


  1. Oh my goodness, I just realized you leave tomorrow (which is already Monday in Africa!) Your mission has really seemed to fly….seems like just a few months ago when I talked to you before you entered the MTC! What an amazing mission you've experienced! And all the lives you've touched….just awesome! So fun that they were celebrating Christmas and Timkat, and you! Love your traditional dresses, and the pictures of you and your brothers and their beautiful wives! Such a special way to end your mission! Love you- and wish I could be there to hear you speak in Church! Enjoy your wonderful family reunion!!