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Saturday, January 3, 2015

We had a nice time with our Debre Zeyit Branch at our branch Christmas party this afternoon.  We watched some of the Christmas Devotional,  had a reading of the Christmas story from the scriptures, sang Christmas hymns and Dawit made some yummy pizza.  I took some Christmas goodies for dessert and also had glow necklaces and bouncy balls for the kids that Jon and Emily brought.  

Salem's niece, Bitaniya got our granddaughter's birthday
treat!  Brooke turned 9 on New Year's Day!

Yonas, Wondemagen and Fikadu

Feraol and his twin brother, Naol (below)
turned 5 on our Christmas Day. Ethiopia's
Christmas is not until this Wednesday.

Sister Meaza

Abraham and his friend

Ylemdar in white and her sister, Elshaday

Chef Dawit and his friend and Sammy,
the photo-bomber

All of our young women and two YSAs (in the pink/turquoise
on the left and in the white on the right) and Sammy again 

Birhane, Salem's mother

All of the young men in our branch 12-18  
Left to right:  Yonaton, Fita, Israel and Euale

Dawit's homemade pizza with onions, hot peppers,
carrots, beef, chicken and hard boiled eggs!

Elders Burdick and Payne with their homemade pizza

My Rice Krispie Christmas trees, zucchini bread and pumpkin bread,
peanut butter cookies and chocolate no-bake cookies were a hit! We also
took a decorated can filled with candy canes. They went fast!

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  1. Sammy cracks me up as the photo bomber!(just like Ryan!) Love all the Christmas goodies you made! The pizza looks yummy!