Our Mission in Ethiopia

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bob had a fun 63rd birthday Saturday!  We celebrated by taking our elders to Kuriftu Resort in Debre Zeyit, for the lunch buffet, since they met the goal they set for teaching lessons the week before!  We had a GREAT time and then went back to teach our institute class.  I made German Chocolate cupcakes and we played a game after class to see who knew Elder Wold the best.  The girls won!  (I forgot to get a picture!)

ALL the waiters came and sang Happy Birthday to him!

They brought him cheesecake with strawberries, blueberries,
coconut and chocolate on top and wrote HAPPY BIRTHDAY
on the plate, decorated with fresh flowers!
(It's the ONLY place we have seen cheesecake in Ethiopia!)

"Happy Birthday to me!!"

Left to right: Elder Alex Christensen, Elder Taylor, Elder Self 
and Elder Ferrara

Companions in this amazing mission!

The Expressway is still under construction but will be SO
WONDERFUL when it is finished! We have hundreds of
trucks going through our town all day and all night. It is the
main street from Addis to Djibouti !!  This was taken out near
Kuriftu Resort.  Our elders had never seen it!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday to Bob- that's quite the fancy cheesecake surprise!

  2. What a fun birthday! You two are the best!