Our Mission in Ethiopia

Monday, March 3, 2014

We drove home from Yirgelem and got Julie's and Jeremy's things and drove to Addis Ababa to go to Yod Abyssinia, a cultural restaurant, for an evening of traditional food, dancing and music of Ethiopia. The next day, Friday, we saw the sights in Addis, including the souvenir shops, the Holy Trinity Cathedral, the National Museum, and the view of the city from Entoto Mountain, before taking them to the airport to fly home.  It surely was hard to say "good-bye"!!

At Yod Abyssinia

The custom in Ethiopia is to wash your hands before you eat
from the same tray.  They bring a pitcher and bowl to your table.

Our Traditional dinner with injera, wats (stews) and tibs (meat)

Julie and Jeremy in front of the Meganagna Chapel

Our favorite souvenir shops across from the Post Office
in Addis Ababa

Three cute girls we bought things from
(The girl in the middle told me I looked like an American
singer.... Celine Dion!! Hahahahaha!)

Our last lunch together at ISLAND BREEZE in Addis with
our guide, President Iklilu, the new branch president of 
the Beklobet Branch.  We were excited to find two elders
that once served with us in Debre Zeyit, having lunch inside ~
Elder Voracek and Elder Makuku!

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church's  Holy Trinity Cathedral

Inside the cathedral
The stained glass windows were BEAUTIFUL!

The coffin of Haile Selassie, 
the last Emperor of Ethiopia

The amazing ceiling

My favorite bougainvillea tree on the grounds
of the cathedral

Addis Ababa from Entoto Mountain

We saw several women carrying these HUGE loads of sticks
down the mountain road.

We had Ethiopia's famous "mix-eds" ~ different combinations of 
juice from fresh fruits at The Lime Tree restaurant in Addis 
where we stopped for a sandwich before heading to the airport.

What a surprise! The mission has been talking about buying cars
for the Preators and for us for months! Here is our new car ~ a Chinese
Lifan Sedan!  Habtu got the license plates just before we were headed
home on Saturday morning so we were able to drive it home! 
(The Tanners in Awassa and the humanitarian couple, Elder and
Sister Moses both have hardbody trucks.  We traded our Toyota 
Corolla rental car with the Tanners and drove their truck the week the kids
 were with us.)

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  1. Celine!! That's great! =) No one ever compared me to anyone exciting....Debbie Reynolds in my younger years was as exciting as it got. So do you always speak to wash your hands first?? Ladies first, for sure! Love your new car!