Our Mission in Ethiopia

Saturday, March 1, 2014

More fun with Julie and Jeremy in Awassa at the Lewi Hotel on Wednesday and on the way to Yirgelem to stay at Aregash Lodge....

Our bed at the Lewi with our mosquito net

Birds on Lake Awassa

Just relaxing after breakfast....

We LOVED seeing the monkeys all over, even though they are naughty and steal food!                                One took a pancake from the guy's plate right next to our table!

Surprise! A baboon was in the tree right by us!

Julie got these great shots with her camera!

Storks were all around the lake too.

Young guys were fishing from very small  homemade rafts.

We took an hour long boat ride to see the hippos
and Bird Island.

We saw lots of hippos

                                             It was a FUN boat ride but we all got sunburned!

                                                                        Bird Island

Fish Eagles

                              On the lake by the fish market, guys were filleting fish and the
                         storks were all around them, waiting to get whatever they threw aside!

                                  We walked along the lake on a shady path, near the fish market.

                                                This little guy had the biggest smile as he
                                                          sold popcorn and potato chips.

This is Genet with her daughters, Selam (12) and
Birhane (13) holding her niece. They live behind
Elder and Sister Tanner in Awassa.

On the road to Yirgelem...

Elder and Sister Tanner stopped at this home last week and he
took photos of all the family.  We stopped so he could give them
their photos and we went inside their home. It was VERY humble
and they share it with a cow and sheep!

They LOVED having their picture taken and seeing it afterwards.

We had quite a crowd when we came out of the house!!
Elder Tanner entertained them with his magic tricks and 
speaking to them in Amharic. (Even though most spoke
the Oromo or Sidama languages.)

We stopped along the road where they were making and selling
baskets, etc.  The kids all wanted their picture taken.

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  1. I'm sure this has been the trip of a lifetime for Julie and Jeremy! So much to see and experience! Hope your other kids get a chance to visit you- so fun!