Our Mission in Ethiopia

Monday, March 3, 2014

Here are more photos Julie and I took at Aregash Lodge on Wednesday night and Thursday morning in Yirgelem....

The reception area

The tukul we stayed in

Our living room

Our bedroom

The coffee ceremony 
(We just ate the popcorn...)

Vultures right by us as we waited for the
feeding of the hyenas
(I have to get a photo from Elder Tanner with his 
zoom lens and good night photos since it was dark,)

It was a GORGEOUS morning and everything was
SO green and pretty!

We loved the avocado trees.  We have one in our front
yard but it takes 7 years before they bear fruit.

This cactus "tree" was SO TALL!!

This woman showed us how she gets the
pulp from the false banana tree.

Her cute little girl helped her by bringing a 
pitcher so she could wash her feet before
walking over the pulp.

She held the leave with her foot while she
scraped the pulp off with a very sharp knife!

Here she is after she finished....sitting in the 
pulp from the false banana tree, which they leave 
to ferment.  They make a staple called "bula".  
We tried it at dinner, the night before, but weren't 
too crazy about it...

The woman's home

It was a FUN morning walk and a very
interesting experience!

The guide gave us walking sticks.

Elder Tanner, Jeremy and our guide

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