Our Mission in Ethiopia

Thursday, March 6, 2014

More photos!! Elder and Sister Tanner stopped by this morning as they were on their way to Addis Ababa to fly home this weekend from their mission, after serving in Ethiopia for 18 months.  They shared Elder Tanner's photos from the 2 days we spent with them in Awassa and Yirgelem...

Jeremy tried swinging on a vine!

We made it to the falls!

Bob and our funny guide, Mustafa

Inside a tukul where this family lives....with their cow, chickens and goats!

The fanciest tukul in the village we stopped at on the way
to Yirgelem 

The family whose home we visited and some of their neighbors
in the village who came to greet us 

One of the vultures they fed right in front of us
at Aregash Lodge in Yirgelem

Hyenas they left raw meat for...
Elder Tanner's camera was the only one good enough
to get a good shot of the hyenas.  We could
see them but it was getting quite dark.

Dinner at Aregash Lodge

The cool tukul Bob and I stayed in
What a beautiful setting!

This was taken on our early morning walk from the lodge to a little 
village through the forest, where the people live in tukuls.

The cacti were SO tall! 

We saw several hyena dens.  Thank goodness they were asleep!

What a FUN week with Julie and Jeremy!

Bob and Jewels watching the lady getting pulp from the 
leaves of the fake banana plant next to her home.

The home of the lady we met

Another view of her home and the fake banana trees around it

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