Our Mission in Ethiopia

Monday, August 18, 2014

Saturday was MORMON HELPING HANDS DAY!  We had a great time with the 
Meganagna Branch!  Here are a few of the photos we took.... 

Kulf, age 3, the littlest one there and 
Melaku, one of our Seminary boys.

Elder Wold with two of the YW in our branch.
The Johnsons, who just arrived to be the
new office couple

Sister Moses and her YW

Cute Kulf

Four of our 6 elders ~ Elder Thornton, Elder Williamson
Elder Christensen and Elder Nzime
(The other two were teaching a community
English class that morning.)

Pres. Eyob, Meganagna Branch President,
 in front, was in charge of the project.

We cleaned up piles of corn husks, where women were
selling corn on the cob in the marketplace.

Fitih, age 10, on the right, worked (and played) hard!
Elder Moses is standing behind him.

Tariku worked harder than anyone!

Our vests from the back....

The whole Meganagna group

This is CUTE Zergi, who I did her whole family history for,
on FamilySearch, before she went to the Ghana Temple in June
with Elder Christensen, Elder Williamson and Elder Nzime.

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