Our Mission in Ethiopia

Saturday, August 23, 2014

We went to lunch today someplace NEW, so I had to post some photos.  Sifen, a recent convert in our Debre Zeyit Branch and our Young Single Adult Rep, just got a job at the Liesak Resort on Monday, so we had to go visit her! What a NICE resort!  We had never been there.  It is on Lake Babagoya. They had a really good weekend lunch buffet!

The Liesak Resort

There were wood carvings from tree
trunks all over the resort!

Lake Babagoya is VERY pretty!!

This was the ceiling in the restaurant.

Our view from the restaurant where we ate

Inside the restaurant
(I forgot to take a picture of the buffet...)

As always, there is a coffee ceremony...

We walked down to the lake after we ate and
got a few more photos of the lake and surrounding area.

I zoomed in to see the Babagoya Resort across the lake
from the Liesak Resort.  We went to Babagoya with my brother, Rick.

A girl was taking our picture....

and two Ethiopian guys "photo bombed" us! 

More tree carvings.... 

As we walked up the stairs, we saw our friend,
Sifen (left above) and the girl who was training her.

One more tree carving....

One last look down the stairs....

It was  a BUSY place today!

The sign at the entrance as Elder Wold paid the guard for watching our car. 
 (Something we have to do EVERYWHERE we ever park!)


  1. I've been looking back over your posts….sure thought I'd commented on some of them, but can't see any for a long time! =) I love reading your blog, though, and seeing your Facebook posts. I'm always so amazed that Ethiopia is so green!! We've always had the image of dry, dusty, and flies all over the starving babies! I'm sure there's some of that too, but it looks like you're seeing beautiful country, and meeting wonderful people. Hard to believe you've been there over a year! Keep up the amazing work! Love you!

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  3. Hi Linda! Yes, there is a lot of "dry, dusty" during the dry season.... and lots of flies all the time, rainy or dry.... I guess I really need to just take more pictures of everyday things we see that are much more common.... It is just more fun to photograph the beautiful things we see! : / (And we do have to be careful what we post....)