Our Mission in Ethiopia

Sunday, August 3, 2014

We got home tonight from our weekend in Awassa and Wendo Genet.  We had a great time. Here are some photos...

We were traveling so fast they are blurry....
but they show how GREEN it is in
the rainy season!

The big Orthodox Church in Awassa, Ethiopia and the 
tower in the circle on the way to our Church

The Haile Resort where we stayed

We took the Awassa elders: Elder Payne, Elder Taylor, 
Elder Self, Elder Allen and Elder Keith to dinner.

A HUGE tree outside the hotel by Lake Awassa

The two buildings where the Wendo Genet Branch meets for Church

I taught Primary to the 17 little kids there

Thank goodness for one of our elders translating for me!

I gave them each a Testimony glove

This little girl was SO sweet with her little sister!
They were there 1/2 hour before Church started.

Some of the beautiful little children after Primary

Their EYES are amazing!!

Two young women in the branch age 14

Scenery on the way back to Addis Ababa

One of MANY Moslem Mosques on the way home


  1. Mom! I love these sweet photos. The one of you teaching the primary kids is awesome and those children are beautiful. Love!!

  2. I can't wait to show my kids, especially Katie, the primary children! And it is so beautiful and green there! I love the trees too!