Our Mission in Ethiopia

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Well, we moved back to Debre Zeyit yesterday and Elder and Sister Johnson are now in the mission office!  It's fun to be back "home" here.  Elder and Sister Moses brought some of our stuff back in their truck and spent the night last night and we got up EARLY and drove to Awash Falls, 2 1/2 hours away.  We had a WONDERFUL day!!  Here are some photos....

The drive to Awash, Ethiopia

An Ethiopian Orthodox Church 

This herd of camels crossed the road RIGHT in front
of our truck!!


These cute yellow wildflowers covered the ground in some places.

It is a beautiful area!

The Awash River

The really different little flowers on this bush 
looked like white caterpillars!

More camels grazing....

We saw over a dozen vervet monkeys.
I loved this mom with her baby!

Check out the HUGE nest in this tree!

This is a baby crocodile resting on the riverbank.

This ostrich met us as we drove into the park.

He hung around us for a long time.

I liked  the light fixture above with rocks 
hanging down.

Awash Falls that look like chocolate milk

Elder Wold, Elder Moses and our guide

We saw lots of baboons on our way out of the park

Beautiful Ethiopia!

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