Our Mission in Ethiopia

Monday, August 25, 2014

We are continuing our grandkids' birthday celebrations, by giving treats to a child their age on their birthday and taking a picture of the child with our grandchild's photo and treat!  We have done that for all of our 22 grandchildren and now have started over again with Jamie's twin girls Amy and Ashlyn, who turned 11 yesterday!  Here are the latest birthday treat photos for Jamie's three girls with August birthdays....

Wongelawit got a treat for Aliyah's 3rd birthday
August 16th.

Mamen got a treat for Ashlyn's 11th birthday.

Darik got Amy's 11th birthday treat. 

Next month, we have Julie's Brigham turning 13
and her Lydia, who will turn 8 and be baptized!!

We had a Zone Development Meeting with 14 elders, in Debre Zeyit
at our place.  Bob and I spoke along with a few elders, then
we had Hawaiian Haystacks and Banana Bread for lunch.

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