Our Mission in Ethiopia

Thursday, August 21, 2014

When Elder and Sister Moses came with us to move our stuff back to Debre Zeyit on Monday, we took them to see four of the lakes around Debre Zeyit for the first time.  Here are some photos I took....

These two are photos of Lake Bishoftu from the 
Pyramid Hotel where we had lunch.

These are of Lake Hora, that locals call the 
prettiest of the seven lakes around Debre Zeyit.

I have taken LOTS of photos of Lake Kuriftu,
but I liked these birds and plants we saw.

There were five tiny birds that were red, yellow, green,
and blue! SO pretty!!

I love these tiny red blossoms but check out the thorns!!

The bougainvillea at Kuriftu is amazingly TALL!

These women walked past us at Kuriftu carrying these bundles!

This is lantana! It grows wild EVERYWHERE and is 
about 10-12 feet high!

These boys were hitting their sticks on the road
and singing and dancing in front of the car, trying 
to get us to give them money.

Lake Chelequelaque (sp?)

Pretty Debre Zeyit in the rainy season!

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