Our Mission in Ethiopia

Monday, September 23, 2013

Today is FLAG DAY here in Ethiopia! We drove into the city center and flags were EVERYWHERE!  Every bus had one on the front, guys were selling flags all over and people were walking down the street waving flags! They really celebrate their holidays (Holy Days) here!! There
are SOOOO many!!

We also visited the Abenezer Orphanage today!
It was NOT easy to find!! We took an Ethiopian friend
with us.
This is a room for 2 -4 yr. olds.  All of the cribs and beds
were handmade by someone and painted bright colors!
"Hilena", who is soon to be adopted by Amy (Greer) Kroff.
For you 46th ward friends, she is Angela Henrie's sister!
That is how we heard about this place!  What a DOLL!
Associated with the Orphanage is a program for single
moms to teach them skills such as weaving, sewing,
jewelry-making, hair dressing, manicures, food preparation,
etc.  We were VERY impressed with that! They sell what
they make so I bought a few things! : D
This is the lady who wove my scarf.  : D
Hilena was SO darling.... but a bit afraid of us.


  1. Have I told you yet how AWESOME you guys are? I love the photos and one of these days I will pay it forward to someone else. Seriously, you're FANTASTIC!

  2. Thank you, sweet Wolds, for finding the orphanage and holding Hilena. I know it means so much to my sister. She has been so concerned about her little girl and is just dying to hold her. What a blessing and comfort that you were able to do that for her!