Our Mission in Ethiopia

Monday, September 23, 2013

We gave this cute little 7 year old, Yeabsra, a treat 
for our granddaughter Lydia's 7th birthday Friday. 
She was SO excited!! 

Friday we visited SABAHAR, a place where they
weave scarves, etc... It was fun to watch!

This lady is spinning thread.

The garden surrounding the place was SO pretty!

Saturday, we spent about six hours with  two CES guys,
Freddie Babeeyo (left) from Uganda and Prince Omondi
(right) from Kenya.  They are GREAT guys and helped
us a LOT!! : D  Prince served his mission with our son
Jon's bishop in Kenya in 1993-95!

This was Freddie's and Prince's driver, Solomon Teshe. 
He is a FAMOUS movie star here in Ethiopia and goes by "Gaga".
(Yes, as in "Lady Gaga"....)  He was FUN to have lunch with
at the Intercontinental Hotel Restaurant. He is a member
of the Kaliti Branch!

We attended Church on Sunday in the Debre
 Zeyit Branch.  Here, Meheret (17) is teaching
 "A Child's Prayer".  
I played the key board for Primary.

Here I am with the kids in Primary after it
was over.  CUTE kids! Elder Wold
hung out with the youth in Sunday School.

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