Our Mission in Ethiopia

Saturday, September 14, 2013

It's Saturday and our P-Day (Preparation Day) and we have been running all day ~ shopping, picking up the owner of the home in Debre Zeyit at his hotel then taking him to the Mission Office to sign the contract to rent his home!! : D  Hooray! It's official! We will be moving to Debre Zeyit on Tuesday, October 1st!!  We are going down to the Debre Zeyit Branch early in the morning for Church.

It is POURING outside with thunder and lightning and my skirt was hanging out of the door of the car all the way home in this weather!! : /  It was soaking wet and muddy, so I just changed into comfortable clothes and we are staying put the rest of the night!  SO ~ it's a good time to add a few more photos from Ethiopia!

Their calendar has 12 months with 30 days and a 13th month with just 5 days Their NEW YEAR was September 11th!!  It was quite a celebration! : D  It is only 2007 here!  (Does that mean I'm only 56!?!? Woo hoo!!) Their Christmas here is not until January.

On New Year's Day girls go around
the neighborhood in traditional dress
 singing songs. We know the two sisters in
white in the middle.They were SO cute!! 

I took this just to show a typical apt. building 
with satellite dishes and clothes hanging 
on the line.  

Even the supermarkets were decorated 
for New Year's!  Many markets are in 
BIG buildings with food on the 
lower level and housewares up above. 
Some even have furniture or appliances 
on the top level.  This is All Mart.

We have seen a lot of kids with sticks and hoops
playing on the road but this little guy had a
great idea! With two sticks and a lid, he can
carry his jerry (sp?) can to get water!
There were sheep EVERYWHERE going to market
for a New Year's Day feast.  Now they have 
sheepskins in big piles for sale along the road.

I asked this girl working in a market,  if I
could take a picture of her in her
traditional dress. 

Bob just took this out of his window this morning
as we were driving out of our neighborhood. The
mountains and hillsides are SO pretty around Addis!
(It doesn't look like rain, but the black clouds roll in
quickly and then it really POURS!!)


  1. Those are all great shots. I would love to be there for their New Years celebration sometime!

  2. Just caught up on your blog, Joyce. You are having amazing experiences over there already. Love your decision to give small gifts to children the ages of your grandchildren on their birthdays. Very cool. The house you're going to rent looks pretty awesome to me. Kitchen is great. Decent modern bathroom. And beautiful green outside. It could be lots worse...as in when you're fighting that horrible traffic. Thanks for posting pictures and allowing us to see. What are your duties day by day?

  3. It is so wonderful to share in your experiences through your blog and wonderful pictures! I too am pleasantly surprised by the beautiful home you found to rent, very nice! I am so happy for you. The women you have photographed are beautiful. So fun to see a different side of Africa from what I imagined in my mind!