Our Mission in Ethiopia

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More photos from Ethiopia..... Yesterday I got an email from my brother, Rick,  telling me about some places we could visit and even volunteer at!  I had prayed to find SOMETHING we could do with our time to make a difference here in Addis Ababa, while we are waiting to get settled in Debre Zeyit and there was the answer!

We drove to a Children's Home in Addis (Orphanage) where my brother's friend adopted three children in 2009.  It is run by two Franciscan Sisters from Malta.  We spent almost 3 hours there holding, feeding, and loving 7 of the 9 little babies there, all 4 months old and under. Here are just a couple of photos.... They were all such BEAUTIFUL babies!!

We have had donkeys, sheep and dogs 
grazing in the front yard, but what a 
surprise to find a family of PIGS there 
when we got home yesterday at 
dinnertime!!  EVERYDAY here brings
 NEW surprises! 

I LOVE the fruit stands here.  Most of them look SO
nice and so colorful! Their fruit is usually really good.
(We do wash it in Clorox water before we eat it.) We
found MANDARIN ORANGES today!! Yippee!  : D

We were stopped in traffic and there was this guy
standing WAY up high on ONE little eucalyptus
pole in the scaffolding!! It looked scary to me!

I LOVE Cameroon Street. It has big, colorful
fake palm trees all down the middle that are lit up
at night.  We've only driven there once at night
and I didn't have my phone or camera....

We stopped at a little "mall" on Cameroon St. one
day and I just couldn't resist getting this picture!!
Inside they have "BOB & BONGO'S BITES"!


  1. Those babies are so sweet! Love your posts.

  2. Oh I LOVE the pictures of you holding the babies! So sweet, I bet you were in heaven! The pigs are too funny... I can't even imagine the things you guys see every day!

  3. I love following your blog! Pretty amazing pictures...

  4. Brother Wold, you were my seminary teacher many, many years ago. My name was Amy Greer and is now Amy Kroff. We actually are adopting a little girl in Ethiopia who is at the Abenezer Orphanage in Addis. We were there in July to meet her and for our court date and now we're hoping to come back in October to bring her home. If you find you can do any service at Abenezer please feel free to love and hold our little girl Hilena. We are so eager to get back there. We also stayed in Debra Zeit for a night and thought it was beautiful country. Maybe we can see you when we come back. I'll be following your blog and love knowing that someone I know is closer to my little girl than I am.

  5. Looks like you guys are having lots of fun! Love the pictures of the babies.

  6. Hey - I love Bob & Bongo's fun palace! It's like Chuckee cheese in the 1980's! We won a ton of tickets playing skeeball last time!

  7. Amy!
    We would LOVE to go visit that Orphanage and go love your little girl but we can't find it!?!? It's not on our map and we can't find directions to it online.... Can you send directions and tell us how to get there!?!?!?

    Thanks! That is SO exciting! When are you coming in OCtober!? We are near that chapel in Meganangna!!

    Elder and Sister Wold : D