Our Mission in Ethiopia

Sunday, September 29, 2013

These photos of Wendo Genet were taken last and should have 
been posted BELOW the others....??  Oh well....

This shows you BEAUTIFUL, GREEN Wendo Genet!
It was like driving through the Garden of Eden!

Me in Primary in the Wendo Genet Branch on Sunday

These three boys never stopped smiling at me during
the whole class time! The one in the middle has been
baptized and knew ALL the answers!

A few of the girls in Primary

Here are a few of the Primary kids, joined by two
YW in the back, who had GREAT smiles
and who followed me around wanting some of my
lipstick!  It was almost gone, so I put some on
their fingers and let them put some on after
Church.  They were SO excited! They did
a "Lipstick Pose" below.... : D

There were COOL banana trees, avocado trees, and
others all around the Church compound.

Lipstick Pose

We had to get a shot of this bathing and laundry
spot by the side of the road on the way home from
Wendo Genet.... 

Just had to post a few more photos from our GREAT weekend in Awassa and our visit to the Wondo Genet Branch for the last hour of Church on Sunday.  The children in Ethiopia are SO beautiful ~ inside and out!! : D

This was the breakfast buffet down by the lake
Sunday morning

We were the first ones at the buffet at 7:00 am and
got a table by the fountain in the lake

Our table

A resort worker offered to take our photo!

Elder and Sister Tanner took this photo of
those attending the Awassa Branch one Sunday
in March 2013. There were 137 there that day!

This hangs outside just as you enter the Chapel.

Lydia and Caleb are children of Abraham, a
Counselor in the Awassa Branch Presidency.

Caleb loved rubbing the skin on my arms and
the girls below kept feeling my hair and looking
at my nails.   (I couldn't help but think
of the Sesame Street scene with Whoopi Goldberg
and ELMO as they talked about the difference
between their skin and hair.... : D )

Lydia and Caleb are joined by Selam and
Genet, darling young girls who swept the
building and helped set up all the chairs.


  1. Ask Elder Harper if I'm related to him. :)))))))))))

  2. Wendo Genet looks like a beautiful place! It looks like a fun ward too! I always feel that no one believes me when I tell them that Ethiopia is every bit as green and beautiful as Hawaii. I still can't get over the False Banana trees that grow more than 20 feet tall. - ps I think we sat at the same table at the Lewi Hotel!