Our Mission in Ethiopia

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I was up ALL night throwing up and with a headache and diarrhea.... : (   So we are sticking close to home today.  : /  So ~ here are a few more photos we've taken lately!!

Elder Kevin Hamilton of the Seventy is a Counselor in
our Africa Southeast Area Presidency.  He and his wife,
Claudia came to our Zone Conference in Ethiopia on
Sept. 13th.  We found out they are friends of my cousin,
Sharon Egan Cutler and her husband.  He will be
speaking in the  Sunday afternoon session of General
Conference.  (The power was out and this was taken
in the DARK!!) 

Here is a colorful Church and bus near our neighborhood.

I snapped this VERY common scene of women going to
worship at one of MANY Ethiopian Orthodox Churches.

Another familiar sight ~ a boy selling sugar cane on the
street with his wheelbarrow and colorful plastic shoes.

These were the Meganagna Elders when we got here.  
Left to right: Elder Bingham (ZL) , Elder McGregor (ZL
who just completed his mission and went home),
Elder Clement, Elder Salakielu (who was just transferred 
to Kaliti),  Elder Ferrara and in back, Elder Keith 
(new ZL from Queen Creek, AZ! )

I took this as we were coming home last
night just as it was getting dark.  There was
a BRIGHT  ray of sunshine shining
on our neighborhood, but I JUST missed it.
I still thought this was pretty.... A shining
ray of HOPE over the people of Ethiopia!

These boys, Abdi, Shatu and Tariku come 
and visit us at the Mission Office often. 
They live with Jason at a home for boys 
near the Office.

I thought I put this on earlier but I didn't.... These CUTE boys sang to us in the Preators' driveway as we were backing out, the first week we were here.  They hit their poles on the ground to make a rhythm as they chanted and sang.  The boy on the left would sing out in Amharic and the others would copy what he said.  We recognized the words "taxi" and "Michael Jackson"! We gave them money, (which is why they were singing to us).  They were GREAT! 


  1. Those are all great photos - did you buy some sugar cane from the boy in the plastic sandals?

    I love the story of the boys singing to you - you need to video tape it next time!

  2. Oh hooray! Thanks for getting back with me. I've sent word out to "my people" to try to get directions and an address. I"ll let you know as soon as I know. I would love, love, love to have you love on my little girl. She is almost 9 months and just about the cutest thing you'll ever see.
    We are waiting to get word from the US Embassy that we can come back and get her but things seem to be moving slow. We are hoping for a trip mid October but time will tell. I will definitely plan on keeping in touch.
    Sorry you have been sick. Hopefully it's gone by the time you read this.
    Thanks again soooo much!!!

  3. Amy,
    That would be SO great if you CAN get directions for us. We have asked all around but have had no luck....We HOPE you can come SOON! We saw your photos on your blog!! What a DOLL!! EVERYTHING here takes SOOOO long though! We KNOW!! : / We have been trying to get a home to rent and move to Debre Zeyit for 4 weeks (since we arrived) and are still HOPiING to move down there around Oct. 1st. We'll see.....

    Take care!
    Sister Wold : D

  4. Amy,
    Let us know when you find out when you'll be coming. We will try to get to Addis to see you sometime, even if we have moved to Debre Zeyit! : D

    P.S. Still feeling crummy.... : / But I'm sure it will pass.....

  5. Alright, here's the scoop thus far. If you can call our attorney in Addis he should be able to give you the info. His name is Sintayehu and his number is 09 11 61 93 33. I do believe he'd be able to schedule things with the orphanage too. If this works out it would make me so happy knowing someone is loving on our little Hilena. And any photos would be AWESOME!! I've also contacted our driver, Tesfu, and hopefully he can help out too. I'd also love for him to meet the missionaries. We invited him to come to church with us when we were there but he is pretty rock solid in his faith and just smiled and nodded and dropped us off at the chapel. GREAT GUY!! I'll for sure be giving him a Book of Mormon next time.
    I so appreciate your efforts. I feel so helpless here in Arizona - missing her soooo much and there's nothing I can do except wait. But this is giving me something. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    If you'd like to e-mail me rather than on the blog my e-mail address is : amy_kroff@yahoo.com

  6. Our social worker just suggested that maybe you could donate some formula and diapers when you go. I will totally pay you back if you are able to.