Our Mission in Ethiopia

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Here we are in Awassa, Ethiopia!  What a BEAUTIFUL drive it was coming down here today from Addis Ababa!  There were fun things to see ALL the way!  Here are some photos taken on the way here and at a fun Beach Resort called Sabana, out in the middle of nowhere by a lake.  A few photos are also at the PRETTY Lewi Resort where we are staying tonight.  We'll attend Sacrament Meeting in the Awassa Branch and then drive over to the Wendo Genet Branch for the last hour of Church.  We will head back to Addis tomorrow afternoon.

It was green and pretty ALL the way!!

One of dozens and dozens of huts along the way....

I LOVE the TREES here!!

This is just one of the many bungalows you can stay in

The ceiling of the restaurant

YUMMY chocolate sundaes with soft ice cream!!

Overlooking Lake Langano   
This is a little tram that takes you down
to the lake from the restaurant and
shops.  We didn't have time to do it.

Look closely at the WORST thorn bushes we have
ever seen!!  Yowza!!!

The Restaurant from the back

Inside the AWESOME restaurant!

I snapped this on our way out.  I LOVE these trees!

These are just a few of the boys who stood on
their heads (missed that) and danced around
on the road, shaking their bottoms at us to try
to get us to give them money.

This is the sign to turn off on a BUMPY long
dirt road to the Sabana Resort on Lake Langano....


  1. I love Sabana! I'm glad they are still serving soft ice cream there! Last time I went one of us ordered "Pepperoni" pizza - it came smothered with hot "peppers" no meat of any kind! We loved watching all of the exotic birds flying in an out of the restaurant as we ate!

  2. The drive form Debre Zeyit to Awassa is one of my favorite drives anywhere in the world - I am always amazed at the things I see along the way, whether it's tiny 6-7 -year-old kids driving donkey carts, or tiny kids hailing those huge yellow water containers, or farmers with oxen in the fields, it is always an adventure - and I never get tired of seeing the turkuls and acacia trees along the way.

  3. I agree!! The soft ice cream was GREAT!! (Ice cream is $30 for not more than a half gallon here!) I LOVED the scenes ALL along the way down and back! I couldn't get over TINY kids along the highway and some about 7 driving herds of cows or goats ALL ALONE with no one else around!!?!! I LOVE the turkuls (or tukuls) and GORGEOUS HUGE trees! I saw some of the most PERFECTLY shaped trees I have ever seen in my life!! (It was SO frustrating trying to get photos going 70 mph though!! : /