Our Mission in Ethiopia

Sunday, September 8, 2013

We attended the Kaliti Branch this morning.  Kaliti is a suburb of Addis and about 30 min. from Debre Zeit ~ halfway there on a Sunday! We had a wonderful experience in that small branch of the Church today.  Their Chapel is a home that has been converted into a Chapel.  There were only about 23 there today.  The Elders spoke in Sacrament Meeting, Bob gave the Sunday School lesson on Lehi's Dream of the Tree of Life (and I illustrated it on the white board). : D  He did a GREAT job! Sister Preator and I taught the three sisters in Relief Society.  Only one was a member.  It is so interesting here that MOST of the members are young men.  They are SO strong and faithful!  We taught the sisters about PRAYER and how much our Heavenly Father LOVES his daughters and wants us to communicate with him! The 18 yr. old in the middle translated into Amharic everything we said.  The Spirit was strong.  It was a sweet experience! : D  Here are some photos....

The Kaliti Branch Chapel

The classrooms are upstairs. It is
three levels.  This is the second level.

Sweet ladies in Relief Society

The garden in front of the Church, where the Elders said
they teach many of their investigators when
it's sunny weather .  (Taken from the balcony.)


  1. I have never heard of this branch, is it new? The yard looks beautiful.

  2. Oh, so sweet! Made me think of church meetings held upstairs over a store which we attended when we were in Jamaica. I can so easily picture you illustrating Lehi's Dream!

  3. Rick ~ Kaliti became a branch the same day the Debre Zeyit Chapel was dedicated ~ Father's Day this year. They started meeting as a group about a year ago....

    Laurel ~ I LOVE to read your comments! Thanks! You are my #1 supporter!!! : D