Our Mission in Ethiopia

Saturday, September 28, 2013

These were supposed to go with the post above.... Here are the Shashamene Elders we stopped to see 1/2 hour before Awassa and the Lewi Resort where we are tonight......

The Elders' awesome vegetable garden! 

Cute Elder Thornton and Elder Fuller in Shashamene

The creative Elders' weight set  : D

A Sqaure (which is really a circle) in
Awassa that reminds me of an evil
castle or something

Sign for the Church in Awassa

The Church building in Awassa, where
they were JUST starting a baptism when
we arrived on Saturday! So fun!!

The Lewi  (Lay-Wee) Resort on
Lake Awassa as we were walking to our

Our pretty room complete with mosquito
net (which we are under as I am typing
because Bob saw a mosquito!)

The amazing view from our balcony!!

Bob watched this monkey and 2 friends grab a cup
of soda from a little girl on the balcony below us!!
They grab food off the table while you eat if
you aren't watching too!! 

Sunset over Lake Awassa

A fun night in a beautiful place with
my companion ~ the BEST companion

a missionary could have!! 


  1. It is so wonderful to see your awesome pictures and share in your missionary experience through your blog! I ran into your cute daughter, Jamie, with Devin, coming out of the Temple yesterday. Love you guys! You are in my prayers!

  2. Thanks Karen!! Hardly anyone ever comments and we have no idea who is seeing this.... It's hard, even with photos, to really describe it here!?!?! : D It's an amazing experience!! We're LOVING it! Thanks for your prayers! We need them!
    LOVE YOU!!