Our Mission in Ethiopia

Saturday, September 7, 2013

When we were in Debre Zeyit yesterday, the owners of the home we are going to rent, took us to lunch at the Dreamland Hotel / Restaurant.  It was just a ways off the main road and we were SO surprised to see it overlooking a beautiful lake with green hills all around!! It is a crater lake. Here are some photos we took....

We gave a gift to this cute boy in the Meganagna Branch on our grandson Brigham's birthday, September 5th.  He was SO excited.  He lives in a group home for boys on the street, that is run by a GREAT LDS young man, Jason Burton, only in his 20's.  This boy was baptized recently and is now a deacon in the Branch and SO happy that he can pass the sacrament!  We have become good friends with this cute 13 yr. old.  Our grandson Brigham will receive the priesthood on Sunday, September 8th and will also be a deacon, passing the sacrament. : D


  1. I love DreamLand! Last time I was there I had the Chicken Gordon Blue". And I live the Mixed drinks" - (the layered fruit drinks).

  2. Also - say hi to Teriku for me.

    Have you my Taye yet? He's one of Jason's boys, he has dome physical health problems.

  3. I LOVE those layered fruit drinks! They are the BEST!!
    We haven't met Taye yet.... Unless he has come to Church we wouldn't have seen him. How old is he?